The five step plan to developing influence and trust

The days of the “hard sell” are over. In order to build long-term, sustainable, mutually beneficial and profitable relationships with your clients you need to influence them and build trust.

Your clients do not enjoy receiving unsolicited communication promoting services, however some people still adopt this approach. Your clients are not interested in product information being forced on them.

There is a much better way to build relationships with prospective clients

  • An approach which enables you to build credibility and trust.
  • An approach where prospects may even contact you to ask for an appointment or a proposal.

In the NEW client-centric economy we live in, the client is in the driving seat. The client decides who they will engage with and expects to be educated and informed by a potential business adviser.

The client expects you to understand their business challenges and communicate at a time which is suitable to THEM, not you

The client does NOT want to be sold to and will make a “buying decision” when it suits them

  • So how do you develop long term, sustainable relationships with prospective clients?
  • How do you build credibility and trust and be seen as a thought leader and “go-to” person?
  • How do you stay “top-of-mind” with prospects so they will contact you when they are ready to buy?
  • How do you get prospects and clients to provide referrals?
  • How do you get noticed and published by the media and get more speaking slots at conferences?

The five step plan to developing influence and trust

The five step plan to developing influence and trust focuses on a client-centric approach to developing new prospects and leads

  •  “Short-term” and “opportunistic” is replaced by “long-term” and “sustainable”
  • “Business transactions” are replaced by “mutually beneficial business relationships”
  • The focus is moved from YOU to THE PROSPECT
  • Your “product, service and solution” is replaced by the “prospect’s business challenges”
  • Prospects will welcome correspondence from you
  • Prospects will contact YOU when they are ready to buy or explore your value proposition

The five step plan to developing influence and trust is proven and yields results. With anything in life which is rooted on a sound, ethical platform, The five step plan to developing influence and trust requires effort and diligence, however the results are long term and sustainable.

The Trusting Customer Plan contains five steps, all of which complement one another:

  1. The art of developing influential online relationships
  2. Using content to build credibility and engender trust
  3. Appropriate communication platforms and how to use them effectively
  4. Building online communities
  5. Nurturing your contacts until they are ready to buy