Fifth reason why you must pay attention to Green Growth – Benefit from first mover advantage

Kay Walsh of Deloitte has written an article listing 10 compelling reasons why South African companies must pay attention to Green Growth. Sustainability and climate change is at the top of the agenda for most companies and must be taken very seriously. Here is the fifth reason why companies need to pay attention to “Green Growth”.

Contact Kay Walsh at or visit the Deloitte Sustainability and Climate Change website for more information.

Act now and benefit from first mover advantage in Africa

As the world moves towards becoming greener the types of products demanded will start to shift towards those that meet new sets of criteria. This is an important consideration for an open economy like South Africa‟s, with aspirations of export-led growth.

There is potentially an opportunity for some first mover advantage. By being an early adopter of certain green growth policies and regulations we may be able to jumpstart our green industry such that it is competitive in global terms. South Africa may even one day compete internationally and export, or at the very least, reduce our reliance on outside producers for our own demands.

By acting now, and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Green Growth, businesses can move rapidly down the curve to gain real competitive edge.

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