Human Capital Trends 2011 – HR in the cloud, it’s inevitable

This is the third article in the Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2011 series, titled HR in the Cloud: It’s Inevitable

Cloud computing and SaaS. Are these the next big disruptive technologies — or are they simply a natural evolution of distributed computing? Either way, they’re changing how many parts of the business operate — and they really are a big deal for HR. Especially SaaS.

SaaS has already demonstrated its value in terms of scalability and flexibility, using both on-demand and subscription-based models. Along with other aspects of cloud computing, SaaS is helping organizations to transform their traditional information technology (IT) structures into more nimble, flexible, and affordable architectures.

And while SaaS technology is evolutionary, its business implications are more likely considered revolutionary. That’s why the real demand for SaaS is being driven by the business, where there are heightened expectations for agility and flexibility. SaaS can create the possibility of rapid business model innovation, improved service levels, and new ways of controlling costs — powerful stuff for companies responding to the aftereffects of the economic downturn and the pent-up business demand for HR.

But there’s even more at stake than the opportunity to do current things faster, better, and cheaper. SaaS solutions, like cloud computing, can also enable organizations to do entirely new things, like helping HR organizations of any size compete and operate on a global scale.

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