by Gys Hyman and Thys Bruwer of Deloitte Consulting

The scale and breadth of the challenge facing IT today is truly breathtaking. Firms have been battered by the global economic conditions, stringent cost control is a fact of life for most organisations for the foreseeable future and IT organisations are having to adapt to this leaner world. At the same time, companies and organisations are looking to IT to support and enable the business growth agenda. How IT meets these potentially conflicting priorities will help determine the winners and the losers, and IT effectiveness will be a key contributor to the overall performance of IT. This study examines how various organisations are set to meet these challenges. We have examined what differentiates top performing IT organisations from their peers and what key capabilities underpin their performance. We have identified the specific, key challenges that are changing the IT industry and flagged the capabilities that IT needs to develop in order to succeed going forward. We have also examined the priorities of the various respondents to understand where the focus of IT will be over the coming period and what the key priorities and challenges will be.

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