The world is in the midst of creating a new development model that, at the corporate level, could bestow competitive advantages and create sustainable corporate futures, while fostering more equitable global economic growth and also tackling climate change. The opportunities for sustainable energy strategies are everywhere evident, beginning with the training of architects who design buildings, to construction processes, to insulation, the HVAC system, the lights, the water, the elevators, the power and cooling for technology, the heating and cooling for people.

Today, citizens and corporations everywhere have been awakened and empowered. The use of energy is now a conscious act—and an act of conscience. This conscious action is a key to economic solvency and sustainability. It’s not about being virtuous, it’s about being profitable—and, at no cost, virtue is achieved.

Individuals and companies are becoming increasingly aware of their own energy P&L and carbon footprints. Businesses and governments should respond to this new reality by creating the products and services that will help consumers manage their energy consumption. Corporations, meanwhile, should realize that in addition to their core business, each and every one of them is an energy company, too, with the potential to produce their own energy, and that managing their energy usage can be critical to their bottom line. Policymakers can amplify these trends by creating the rules of the game and funding the research that will position all developed countries at the cutting edge of the Clean Energy evolution.

The drive to sustainability is a drive to creativity and innovation. May the cleanest, most energy efficient corporations win.

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